KVT ImageCutter

KVT ImageCutter 1.5

Software for www authors to cut images for easy upload

The KTV Image Cutter software program is designed for every WWW author. The program can cut large graphic images in several pieces and it lets you make an HTML file table that will present you the original picture before you cut it into pieces.

The KTV Image Cutter program lets you add website links to a specific image or portion of the image. The program is useful to speed up the upload of images on your websites because the load amount that the entire picture needs is already cut into smaller pieces.

Any website designer will find the KTV Image Cutter useful. It speeds up the load time of images and makes sure that your website will only need a few connections to get things started.

The program is available with a license. Personal licenses of the KTV Image Cutter program are only intended for personal use and should not be used for commercial reasons.

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